Who eats 22 pounds of chocolate? 50 odd travel facts


Part of the fun of travel is finding out strange and quirky things about the places you visit. Every country is a little odd in its own way, and the more places you go, the more crazy things you see. Pretty soon, you have a sizeable collection of off-beat travel facts.

I’ve collected a few of my own on my way around the globe. For example, the discovery that in Cuba, the government pays people to stand on the highway and get rides for hitchhikers. Or that French cafés serve up wine and beer to the breakfast crowd at 9 a.m. Or that funerals in Bali involve a parade, with floats and a guest of honour.

The people at Visualistan have come up with a graphic that collects 50 of these fun travel facts. They range from gee-whiz things like the Russian hotel with 5,000 rooms, to odd items like Greece’s national anthem, with 158 verses (hate to have to memorize that one), to the truly bizarre, like the two million people who once joined hands to make a human chain all the way from Vilnius, Lithuania to Tallinn, Estonia.

So, here’s a look at 50 fun travel facts that you probably didn’t know. I enjoyed them — hope you do too.

50 Travel Facts That Will Blow Your Mind #infographic

You can also find more infographics at Visualistan


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