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There aren’t many things in a lifetime of travel that truly live up to their billing. Machu Picchu is one: the Acropolis in Athens, Greece, as I found out, is another.

Set on its massive hill in the middle of town, the Acropolis commands the city landscape like a king. And when you scale the hill, the reality of the civilization that existed there, and the sophistication with which it was built, hit you full on. People gasp out loud at their first look into the perfect bowl of the Theatre of Dionysos Eleuthereus (above).

And climbing through the stone passageway to the level above, you’re ushered into the presence of one of the world’s iconic structures, the Parthenon. These days it’s pretty much a construction site, as you can see below. But even a clutter of cranes and supprts can’t completely hide its classic lines and perfect proportions. Nearby, a smaller temple is flanked by a row of amazingly preserved female statues. Its design, we’re told, was altered to accommodate a spring created when Neptune struck the stone with his mighty trident.

Almost as impressive as the Acropolis itself are the views it presents of the ancient city below. And the reverse is true, too: even from a mile away, the classic buidlings stand out on the hilltop, presenting views right out of an art gallery. Athens is a modern city built on the stones of an ancient one. To Athenians, it seems natural — and maybe it is.


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Paul Marshman is a retired journalist who spent 30 years as a writer and editor on Canadian newspapers, while travelling to the ends of the earth. Now he continues to travel while passing on his travel experiences to you.


  1. When I visited, I found the Acropolis equally striking. However, I thought Athens itself was a bit of a disaster — dirtier, much less charming, much less friendly than I had expected. By contrast, absolutely loved the Greek islands we visited. So my idea of a perfect Athens trip: Somehow get teleported to the peak of the Acropolis, then get teleported somewhere else. (Like the Greek islands. Or Paris. Or Venice.)

  2. I agree, Loren — the rest of the city was nothing to write home about. We took the subway to the acropolis and it was a depressing sight, with dingy cars and homeless people lying around. There was an interesting market district in the old part of town, though. Like you, I’d much rather see the islands — still on my bucket list.
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    • Thanks for commenting, Vilma. That seems to be the consensus on Athens, and I didn’t see anything to disprove it when I was there. The Greek islands are on my bucket list — have to go there one of these years …

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