A magical day in Bruges


A few months ago I saw a movie called In Bruges, which follows two gangsters sent to Bruges, Belgium to await orders from their boss. While they’re waiting, they tour the beautiful medieval city. The older gangster is captivated, but the younger one is completely immune to its charms — he calls it a “shithole”. That’s how you know the movie is fiction: in real life, no one could spend time in Bruges and not be awestruck by its beauty.

I arrived in Brussels on a Saturday night, the last stop in my European cruise-trip. And with much of the city closed on Sunday, I decided it was a great opportunity to have a day in Bruges. Happily, it’s only 45 minutes from Brussels on Belgium’s excellent rail service, so on a chilly winter morning I found myself exploring one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.

Bruges vista

Like Cartagena with its 16th-century walled city, Bruges has managed to maintain its historic medieval centre almost completely intact. And it’s a wonder to behold. Wandering its cobblestone streets, you get the feeling that people in medieval smocks and cloth hats could come walking out of every doorway.

The feeling is magnified by the horse-drawn carriages that clip-clop up and down, showing tourists the sights — and even on a winter weekend, there were thousands of tourists enjoying their day in Bruges.

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In many ways, Bruges resembles old Amsterdam, with its tall, narrow buildings and network of canals that snake through the city. And like Amsterdam, those canals once carried boat traffic that made it a thriving trade port. In fact, by the 1400s Bruges was one of the world’s most prosperous trade centres, a crossroads for goods from as far away as Scandinavia and the Middle East.

The beautiful market square, with its imposing city hall, was once flanked by a famous “water house” where boats could unload their cargo indoors in bad weather. Today the space is occupied by an equally impressive building called the Historium, where I viewed a cunningly recreated story set in the city’s past. Afterward, I climbed the stairs to sample one of Belgium’s famous beers in the Duvelorium, a bar with a panoramic view of the square — a great sight.

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But I was just as impressed to walk the perfectly kept streets, peering in shop windows, following archways into hidden squares and marvelling at the grand public buildings, with their stone knights and kings standing guard in the spots where they’ve stood for 600 or 700 years.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

After dark, however, Bruges became truly magical. Twinkling lights set off the quaint storefronts, candles glowed from windows, and the great stone buildings took on a soft glow that made you feel warm even on a blustery night.

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Bruges corner at Christmas

And then it was time for a bite, and what better than one of the famous, delicious Belgian waffles and a hot cup of coffee — it was almost a crime not to have one before I left.

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Near the end of In Bruges (spoiler alert), the older gangster is ordered to shoot the younger, insensitive one but doesn’t have the heart to do it. After an amazing day in  Bruges, I think I might have gone the other way.


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Paul Marshman is a retired journalist who spent 30 years as a writer and editor on Canadian newspapers, while travelling to the ends of the earth. Now he continues to travel while passing on his travel experiences to you.


  1. Wow! That was excellent. And of course so are the photos – especially capturing the warmth you described at night. Excellent!!

    • Thanks, Zoe. Glad people appreciate the photos — you have no idea how much I struggled to get them to post properly. Maybe it was worth it after all.

  2. Whoa ,a rather harsh statement about a poor dumb shmuck who probably didn’t have a clue about much and certainly didn’t seem to appreciate too much even if it was right in front of his eyes. On second thought after looking at your photos of Bruges again I think maybe your right. Off with his head, no mercy , the ungrateful wretch. The photography is beautiful. Looks like the Zocalo in downtown Mexico city at Christmas and new year.

    • Well, Dennis, as Winston Churchill said, there are some things up with which we cannot put. I haven’t been to Mexico right at Christmas, although I saw the festival of Guadeloupe in December in PV a few years ago. Maybe that’s something to think about in years to come.
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    • Thanks, Frank. I think you could spend several days in Bruges and not run out of things to see and enjoy. I just scratched the surface in the day I spent there. One of these days I’ll return, even if only to sit in a café and enjoy the Belgian beers.

    • It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to, Ayla. Should be gorgeous in the springtime. Don’t miss the Chapel of the Holy Blood — amazing interior.

    • Thanks, guys. I want to return too — in fact, I think it would be wonderful to spend Christmas in Bruges one day, with all the decorations and the horse carriages and the decorations. Your post showed me something too — I’ve never seen the city except in winter. There’s a lot more to see, too, including all the museums and some great old breweries.

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