Choosing a credit card for travel: a video guide


Quick: name the most important thing you travel with? Most people would say their passport, but a close second would be their credit cards. These days, we use them to book our flights and hotels, charge our spending on the road, and get coverage if things go wrong. But choosing a credit card for travel can be tricky: there are a lot of cards out there, all with different rewards and features. How do you pick one?

Recently I came across a website called ratehub, which has compiled a massive database of information on most of the cards available in Canada. It covers their monthly fees, their reward programs, their special offers, their interest rates, and all the other little details that can make them a good or bad choice.

It seemed like a great resource for all kinds of travellers, so I teamed up with Maarten Heilbron, of the Maartech website and very popular YouTube channel, to interview Kayla Reyes, ratehub’s associate marketing manager, on the ins and outs of choosing a credit card for travel. She explains what to look for in a credit card, and what strategies to use to get the best return.

Here’s the video: I’m sure it will give you a better understanding of how to choose your next credit card. (Note: deals with Canadian credit cards, but the strategies Kayla mentions are just as valuable for U.S. and European travellers.)


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