The world’s favourite Christmas foods


Christmas is celebrated in different ways around the world, but the one thing that makes it special in every country is food. Everywhere Christmas is celebrated, there are dishes that are synonymous with the holiday — so much that it’s not really Christmas without them.

We all know about roast turkey and plum pudding, but that’s only the start. There are countries where the favourite Christmas foods are things like oysters, hot chocolate with sweet bread and even codfish. In some countries there’s a traditional feast with a whole lineup of special dishes — not to mention one where the favourite food is a stuffed pig’s head!

So here’s a look at the delicacies that make Christmas what it is around the world. (This graphic was created by the folks at Fly Abu Dhabi.)

christmas-delicacies graphic

There it is: a world tour of favourite Christmas foods. I’m sure every one has a history behind it, and each generation makes a family history of its own. Whatever  you’re having this year, enjoy — but don’t order from the Colonel …


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