How to pack like a pro: an illustrated guide


Posts about how to pack have been some of the most popular offerings on The Travelling Boomer over the three years this website has been in existence. Apparently, you want to know where to travel — but even more, you want to know what to pack when you go there. I’ve published posts about travelling carry-on, making the most of your baggage allowance, and what to pack for a cruise: fan favourites, every one.

But packing is a mystical art, and every expert has his or her own secrets. And this week, I came across a graphic from the folks at Bluegala that shares some practical, usable advice on what to pack and how to pack it. I’ve seen a lot of tutorials on packing, but I think this one imparts some valuable tips that can help you arrive where you’re going in good shape, with all the things you need.

There’s advice on how to fold a shirt properly, which garments to roll and which to fold, and how to how to pack your lotions and potions so they get through customs and arrive without spilling. It’s advice almost every traveller can use. So here’s Travel Done Right, an authoritative look at how to pack for that big trip.

Travel Done Right: Tips And Tricks To Pack Efficiently #infographic


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  1. Excellent.

    As of this writing, TSA regulations allow prescription medicines in addition to the usual limitation . These can exceed the 3.4 oz/100ml limit and need not be packed in a plastic bag. Mention them prior to x-ray screening.

    Surprisingly, some passengers pack their medicines in checked luggage. That is a VERY bad idea!

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