Photo of the week: a magic moment in old Quebec


Sometime the most memorable photos appear when you’re least expecting it. That was the case on a night in the historic centre of old Quebec City, just a few steps from the Place d’Armes and the Chateau Frontenac. Stepping out after a leisurely dinner in a restaurant on a little side street, I looked up to see a perfect streetscape, composed right in front of me. There was the iconic Price building set against the night sky, its classic form dramatically lit and perfectly framed by the buildings on the ancient street where I stood. The lights of the restaurant added warmth to the scene, and a group of girls perusing the menu gave it a human touch. (Note: click on the photo to see it full-frame.)

I’ve had moments like this before. In Vienna, I stepped out the doors of St. Stephan’s Cathedral to find carriage horses lined up in the medieval street as the snow began to fall — a perfect picture of 18th-century Europe. But city streetscapes are even more evocative at night, when the interplay of light and darkness make even ordinary places look dramatic. Old Quebec is dramatic-looking even in broad daylight. But when night falls, it can look magical, with a warm glow spilling from its restaurants and accent lights illuminating the architectural details of historic buildings. And now and then, you find yourself looking at a classic scene that’s fit to be framed and put on a wall. To me, this is one.


Photo taken with the Nikon COOLPIX P900 camera



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