Photo of the week: the magical isle of Moorea


It’s Throwback Thursday. And while preparing my annual Christmas card for my English friend Theo, I came across some photos that reminded me of a time long ago, in a magical place called Moorea.

If you read this blog, you might remember Theo as the friend I dropped in on this year during my visit to England. He and I shared a trip across the Pacific 23 years ago, and though we had kept in touch through all those years, we hadn’t laid eyes on each other since. During our visit, we reminisced about the time we spent in Tahiti, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

While in Tahiti, we whiled away an idyllic few days on the island of Moorea, which lies only a few kilometres from the main island. To get there, you take a short ferry ride. And coming into port, you get a wonderful view of the island,  with its craggy mountains rising above the lush, green coast line — that’s the photo you see at the top of this post.

Moorea is known as the garden island, and the name fits  perfectly: flowers and vegetation of every kind filled the landscape everywhere you looked. And where there were no flowers, there were breadfruit trees and coconut palms. I’ll admit we “borrowed” a couple of breadfruit to fill out our evening meals.

We stayed in a simple hut right on the beach. And on the first evening we were there, I waded out into the lagoon, perched on a rock and took a couple of shots that are still among my favourite photos. You can see them in this post.

All these years later, our visit to Moorea is still a fond memory, and a good one to warm up a northern soul on this first official day of winter. Looking at this photo, I can still feel the warm ocean breeze.

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