Photo of the week: clinging to The Rock


Newfoundland, Canada’s easternmost province, is often called The Rock. And if you visit, it’s not hard to see why: the whole province seems to be made of one huge piece of stone. Giant mountains loom over rocky coastlines, where some of the oldest rock on earth is pounded by crashing surf.

The first place we came to when we reached The Rock was Port aux Basques, where the ferry from Nova Scotia docks. And true to its reputation, the town is perched on rocky bluffs that descend to an often stormy seacoast. And there, just a block from the water, I spied a sight that’s probably common to Newfoundlanders but outlandish to us come-from-away types.

The small house was painted red, one of the more serene tones used as house paint in these seaside towns. But the owner had decided to add a garage or shed in front. Only problem was, the front yard was a steep slope made entirely of rock. So in true Newfoundland fashion, he just put in on stilts. And there it stood, looking as if it could fall over when the next gale blew in.

It was just one of many wonderful sights we’d see during our stay in Newfoundland. It’s a place like no other, filled with friendly people living a unique culture that has weathered the storms for hundreds of years. I hope the garage on stilts does the same.



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