Photo of the week: little Arctic flyers


On a rocky coastline off the north shore of Quebec, is a rare sight – one of the world’s largest colonies of thick-billed murres. These small seabirds, related to puffins, gather here each spring to mate and raise their chicks. And they gather in their thousands, crowding onto ledges all along the sheer cliffs like endless ranks of little penguins in their black-and white suits.

As you approach the cliffs, the air is filled with birds, flying out to sea and then back again in a mad rush, their wings flapping furiously. Some murres gather on the icy Arctic waves, to dive 100 metres or more in order to catch the tiny fish they need to keep their chicks fed. And then they’re off again, in a flurry of churning wings and flying water, to soar again toward the cliffs and their waiting young.

This photo was taken with the Nikon D500 SLR camera and the Nikkor 200-500mm ED VR lens

I am a guest of Nikon Canada and Adventure Canada on this trip. However, the opinions expressed are my own.


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