Photo of the week: making a run for the sun


An icy blast of winter is sweeping across the northland — and the southland, too — this week, leaving us all shivering in front of our space heaters. And waking up to another grey morning with frost on the windows, I hear a familiar call: it’s time for a run to the sun.

Every year around this time, there’s a mass migration of northerners to places where the palm trees wave and the waves lap up on the white Palm hut vert sand beach. And of course, the sun shines pretty much every day. Places like Yelapa, near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where I took this photo a few years ago.

It’s become a regular part of life, this run to the sun. But recently I was thinking about what a marvel it truly is — to be able to wake up in the dead of winter, hop on a plane and be sitting on a beach like this by lunchtime. From winter tosummer in a morning. The fact that it’s even possible still seems incredible. And the fact that we can do it without being rich seems almost impossible.

Think of this: in the entire stretch of human history, we baby boomers are the first generation to be able to fly around the world at will, hopping from season to season as if we were skipping rope. Yes, our parents could travel by air, but it was costly, and fewer of them did it. But today, almost everyone travels, and the annual run for the sun is a time-honoured tradition.

Truly, we are a blessed generation. So when it’s time to go seeking the sun — and this week seems like a very good time — take a moment to thank the heavens for our incredible luck. Somehow, we were born into the golden age of travel. And every time I wake up to a cold, grey morning, I look at the travel ads and give thanks. Soon I’ll be heading for the sun myself — stay tuned for more pictures like this one.


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Paul Marshman is a retired journalist who spent 30 years as a writer and editor on Canadian newspapers, while travelling to the ends of the earth. Now he continues to travel while passing on his travel experiences to you.

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