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One of the joys of living in the northern parts of this planet is the changing of the seasons — especially autumn, with its blaze of colour as the leaves turn from green to red and gold. Here in central Canada, the fall colour makes a spectacular show each year. Except for this year — at least, so far.

In almost every other year, the forests would be a riot of bright colours by late October. But this has been an exceptionally warm fall — in fact, the warmest I can remember. (If you still have doubts about global warming, well, here it is.) That means the woods around these parts are still a uniform green, broken only here and there by a patch of colour.

Toronto tends to live in its own little heat bubble. But even here, the trees should have turned long ago. Still, there are some places showing some lovely fall colour, including one of my favourite walks, High Park. This huge reserve in the city’s west end is usually aglow with fall colour at this time of the season — scarlet maples, yellow birches, rusty oaks. This year, it’s mostly aglow with green — there are even a few wildflowers left over from summer.

But there are areas where the trees have taken the hint, enough for me to spend an afternoon and come back with my yearly haul of fall colour photos. Here’s a sampling of what I captured this year. I hope it brightens your day — even if this autumn doesn’t.

These photos were taken with small but very capable Nikon D5500 DSLR camera. You can read my review of the camera in this post.

fall colours leaf branch

fall colour grove

fall colours leaf closeup

fall colour vertical

fall colours rock garden leaves

fall colours bluebell

fall colours foliage

fall colours grotto

fall colours yellow leaves

fall colours high park

fall colour with fence


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  1. Marcella Christiansen on

    Our colours were quite vivid Bancroft way but was just around Thanksgiving. ….now can see the Lustre starting to decrease. Oh yes….and the downed leaves increase. …..m

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