The Seven Wonders of the World: a visual tour


It’s that time of year when people head off on their summer holidays. To some it’s just the annual trek to the summer cottage. But for a lucky few, it’s a rare opportunity to see one of the mankind’s greatest achievements — places like Machu Picchu (above), where ancient civilizations built things we still can’t quite grasp. How, with their primitive tools, did they make places so imposing, and so beautiful?

There are lots of  natural wonders in the world, but not that many man-made ones. And there are even fewer that have achieved the status of icons — the images you see in history books and tourist brochures and adventure movies. The people at Visualistan recently picked their top seven iconic sites, ancient and modern, from almost every part of the world. And having “visual” in their name, they laid them out in an entertaining graphic, with some of their vital statistics and a few interesting facts you probably didn’t know.

So here’s the Seven Wonders of the World, according to Visualistan. How many have you been to? (I’ve made it to five — got to get to Brazil and Jordan.) Hope you enjoy the tour.

Seven Wonders of the World #infographicYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan


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