The art of Mexican dance


Mexico has a rich culture, from its art to its music and delicious food. But the picture wouldn’t  be compete without Mexican dance. Its an art that spreads its wings in every direction, from classical Spanish dances to the lovely folk dances of the campesinos to dramatic performances portraying Mexico’s history.

On a recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, I had a chance to see a night of Mexican dance by a local troupe, and took some photos that capture some of the colour and drama that make it one of the country’s most famous arts. Here is a gallery of photos.

Artistic shot of a Mexican dancer

Mexican dance male and female dancers

A female Mexican dancer dancing in fancy costume

A pair of Mexican dancers in fancy costumes

A pair of Mexican dancers twirling each other

A group of Mexican dancers throw their hats in the air



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  1. Jane Litchfield on

    Gorgeous! I love the way you caught the movement in the costumes and kept the dancers’ glowing faces clear.

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