The coolest coffee shops in Toronto: a video


As I wrote here, there’s one thing that binds us all together, the world over — we all love coffee. And while Toronto isn’t exactly a coffee mecca like Seattle, we really love our coffee here. What’s more, we love our coffee shops in Toronto, and we have some great ones.

That’s why Maarten Heilbron, of Maarten blog, and I decided to make a video about the coffee shops of our town. It’s called Coffee Culture Toronto. After all, we have such a variety of cool places here to drink coffee — why not share them with the world, so visitors can find a great place to have their daily fix? Maybe we’ll even twig some native Torontonians to places they weren’t aware of.

We found a great variety of coffee shops across downtown Toronto, from Balzac’s in a century-old building in the Distillery District to the ultra-modern Nespresso coffee shop in the trendy Yorkville district. There’s also a quick tour of the Italian coffee shops along College Street, a beautifully restored coffee shop in the heart of downtown, a funky, socially conscious shop on Spadina Ave. and a Starbuck’s in what was once one of Toronto’s most famous bookstores.

Aside from being great places to have a coffee, these are interesting places to discover, each with its own story, and often a colourful history. I learned a lot while we were making the video (like, maybe I should stay behind the camera from now on). Maybe you’ll learn a few things too. But coffee shops are all about taking a break and enjoying yourself. So have a look at the six coolest coffee shops in Toronto,  and enjoy!



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  1. Paul, it’s 5:48 pm and the day is only half over – there are still “miles to go … ” as Robert Frost so beautiful sighed. I could use a cup of that great looking coffee right now. The only problem is … where? I’m liking the Coffee Pub with the reclaimed decor and fair trade products but the Balzac secret balcony – or go for the gusto and get an espresso over ice-cream at Sicilian Ice-cream! Yes, that’s it!

  2. Boy, you have long days in New York, Roberta! Yes, the Sicilian coffee is a good choice since you get a coffee and dessert at the same time. I’m kind of yearning to go back to Britnell’s and a have another coffee from their Clover machine. Thanks for looking!
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    • Thanks for the tip, Boomergirl. Always nice to hear from a fellow Boomer. I’m sure there are a lot more cool coffee shops in Toronto that we missed. Maybe if people volunteer enough new ones we’ll have to make another video …

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