Photo of the week: the really big Easter egg


You find folk art just about everywhere when you travel. And sometimes you find it in the oddest places. Just a few steps from the 24-hour bustle of sidewalk patios and bars in the old town of Zagreb (which I wrote about in this post), I found a little archway leading to a quiet courtyard with murals painted across the doorways. And outside, in front of a rustic-looking little art gallery, sat the biggest Easter egg I’d ever seen.

Decorating Easter eggs is a traditional art in Eastern Europe. But in this case, the artist — named D. Jacovic — had decided to add a new twist to the art. Why not make the egg the size of a 10-year-old child? And forget those geometric designs and little bands of colour: why not add a real painting? So he (or she) painted a charming scene, in the naive style: an old man in peasant’s costume, picking mushrooms beside a little country brook on a beautiful day in spring. There are blossoms on the trees, and milky white clouds float across a soft blue sky dotted with birds in flight. (Hint: click on the photo to see it full-size.)

The Easter egg and the scene it evoked brought a little moment of peace in a busy place. But besides me, no one seemed to notice it — except for one other art lover. From the gallery window behind the egg, an old fellow with a pipe seemed to have a keen eye on it. He’s probably looking still.

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  1. Wow! How fun. I love little travel discoveries like that. Always makes for a good story and even better memories. Plus, it’s hard not to admire the incredible detail that went into the painting. I can imagine painting an egg probably isn’t easy.

    Thanks for sharing!

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