The ultimate guide to European street food


When it comes to travelling in the tropics, I’m not a fan of street food — to me, it’s playing roulette with your stomach, as I wrote here. But when the discussion turns to Europe, with its better hygienic standards and less risky selection of portable snacks, I’m all for it.

And there’s no end to the European street foods you can discover. The continent has so many countries, each with a tasty and distinct cuisine, and each with its own idea of the ideal street treat. I remember years ago strolling the Left Bank in Paris munching on merguez frites, a spicy North African sausage smothered in French fries, all nestled in a piece of baguette. Across town, they were serving savoury crepes, or roast chestnuts — to borrow a phrase from Hemingway, it was a moveable feast.

But with all those countries, it’s hard to pick the best walk-around treats as you travel through Europe. So the folks at Wimdu have put together a guide to European street food, with some of the continent’s tastiest morsels. From waffles to custard tarts to something called “a smack on the ear”, they make a tempting buffet. Better yet, they’ll fill the hole in your stomach without putting a hole in your pocketbook. What’s not to like?

An Ultimate Guide To European Street Food

An Ultimate Guide To European Street Food [Infographic] by the team at Wimdu



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