Just because you get older doesn’t mean you stop travelling. In fact, with more time on their hands and a little money to spare, the baby boomer generation probably loves to travel more than any generation before. After all, we were the ones who made backpacking around Europe a rite of passage. And we’re still out there, jetting off to every corner of the world: a 2015 survey showed U.S. boomers planned to take an average of four to five trips during the year.

The Travelling Boomer is a site made for those older travellers: a place to find first-hand info on great destinations, tips on how to travel smart, cruise news and reviews, and a wealth of other resources. There’s a lot here for the younger traveller, as well, so if you’re not a boomer, you’re welcome too.

And here and there you’ll find a few tall tales from me, the Travelling Boomer’s travelling boomer. I’m a writer, photographer and travellerScorpions on a stick, semi-retired from a 30-year career as a reporter and editor on Canadian newspapers. I’ve published travel stories in The Toronto Star, The National Post, Frommer’s Budget Travel, The Medical Post, The CAA magazine, and many other publications. I live in Toronto, and spend as much time as I can travelling to new and interesting places. So far I’ve been to 52 countries: before I die, I’d like to see them all.

Look around the site — you’re sure to find something of interest. Maybe you’ll get some inspiration for your next trip. And if there’s anything you’d like to see, let me know.

Happy travelling!

Paul Marshman