What to do in Cuba — at all times of the year


Cuba is a favourite winter destination for Canadians, Europeans and most other northerners — with the exception of  Americans, though that may change soon. But is it only a winter destination?

As a Canadian, I know the island as a good place for bargain-priced getaways when winter has the northland in its icy grip. But I also know that you can have a good time visiting places in the off-season — like Europe in winter, for instance.

So I was interested to see that while Lonely Planet lists Cuba’s high season as October to March — with April and October as “shoulder” seasons — there’s a second high season in July and August, when hot temperatures are guaranteed and festivals take place.

Only May, June and September are really considered low season, when some hotels shut down and facilities may be unavailable. That’s mostly because of the rain — and of course, hurricane season, which goes from June to November. But things go on nonetheless, and if the weather cooperates, why not?

Here’s a graphic from dealecker.co in the U.K. that shows what to do in Cuba at every time of year, with a few events I’d never heard of. I may have to check out that jazz festival in December …

Cuba through the year infographic

That’s a look at what to do in Cuba, all year round, And if you’re worried about hurricane season, here’s a website that helps you keep track of any potential threats.


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